Shiokaze Hostelry Popup RP


Come to Kugane to enjoy some tea and maybe a match of Doman Mahjong with your fellow Far Eastern RPers. No specific theme is set, just come and RP! You can have your presentations, debates, dances, or whatever else the muse might inspire in you.

Join us to encourage more Far Eastern RP. All Crystal RPers are welcome!


  • Where? Shiokaze Hostelry (Kugane X:10 Y:10) in Balmung

  • When? Weekly on Mondays at 7PM Eastern (currently EDT), going until people don't want to be there anymore!

  • How? ICly with any character who happens to be around!

  • Why? To foster more Far Eastern RP and make it easier to form connections there and allow players who might be interested in it to visit/live there.